Joe A.Hameed MSc. MIEEE is a Microwave Specialist He is an active Member of Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers USA since July 1991. He has been awarded a with LIFE TIME MEMBER SHIP. He worked on several Microwave Communication projects before joining Hewlett Packard in England as a Group Leader of the Microwave Department. He earned his B Sc. from Punjab University in 1955 and his Master's in April, 1991 from Pacific Western University California USA

I am now working from home as I have a officially obtained the Master Business License, under the name of SMP Telecommunication Services. I do prepare special training as required by my clients on test and measurements, testing and commissioning of communication systems such as Mini Microwave Links and Radio Base stations. EMC / EMI Regularity and Compliance testing for various standards including MIL 461F and DO 160 Lighting Effects using Transients Generators. No job is too big or too small.
Joe .A . Hameed MSc IEEE (USA)
Microwave Specialist