Involvement in Major Projects.
  1. Trained 46 technician of Canadian Network Installations on Transmission line sweeping and DTF measurements using ANRISTU S332B site Master.
  2. Also Trained same technician using OTDR AXF 110
  3. Designed various Training courses and calibration procedures.
  4. Developed various system for Saudi Air Defense Forces,
    • Power Sensor Calibration.
    • Signal Generator Calibration.
    • Attenuators Calibration.
  5. Automated EMC lab for Alcatel USA Dallas Tx. 1999
  6. Saudi Air Defense Calibration Labs. One in Jeddah and 2 mobile labs 1987.
  7. Saudi navy Logic Analysis system for weapon system Lab at Jubail.
  8. Metrology Laser System for Saudi Army ordinance factory at Al-Kharaj.
  9. 13 GHz PCM microwave system from Aziziah to Arafat in Makkah for Hajj 1982.
  10. ARAMCO east-west pipe line microwave project from Dahran to Yanbu. 1981
  11. SAIK I & II Saudi Arabian intera Kingdom microwave project by Rockwell International 1978
  12. US Army communications projects for Iranian Gendartmerie Army in Theran
  13. US Navy Submarine Communication center; Thurso Scottland 1963.
  14. CENTO Microwave Project: Connecting Ankara in Turkey to KARACHI in Pakistan through IRAN 1962. ough IRAN 1962. using RCA microwave equipment.
Joe .A . Hameed MSc IEEE (USA) IEEE (USA)
Microwave Specialist